At my practice, I offer a safe and non-judgmental place where a client can learn and grow. Our first few sessions will involve an evaluation of your strengths and needs. During our initial meeting, I will offer impressions of what our work will include and a treatment plan to follow. I view therapy as a collaborative process, where you and I work together to define your treatment goals and explore issues that are of concern to you. I work hard to create a safe and supportive environment where you can comfortably share your experience and work towards change.

I believe that for the process to be effective, the therapist must be dedicated and well-trained. I have been trained in and use empirically proven techniques. Evidenced-based therapeutic practices are based directly on scientific evidence and have been studied in large-scale, clinical trials to support their effectiveness.

If done properly, the process of psychotherapy can not only help relieve symptoms like anxiety, depression, and anger, it can also truly change a person—allowing one to feel a greater sense of self-esteem and experience more enriching relationships.

I generally do not think of people in diagnostic terms. People develop personalized approaches to their lives according to their values, beliefs, and priorities. I am interested in my clients finding a personally meaningful way of approaching life. I strive to individualize treatment to each client and/or family and am passionate about the work I do.

I work with individuals, couples, and families and specialize in treating:

Anxiety and Stress
e.g nervousness, excessive worry, panic attacks, insomnia

Mood Problems including Depression and Manic Behavior
e.g. pervasive sadness, hopelessness, difficulty sleeping, social isolation and withdrawal, pervasive sadness, mood swings, irritability.

Romantic Relationship Problems
e.g. trust issues, commitment difficulties, communication problems, unhealthy boundaries.

Social Relationship Problems
e.g. social anxiety, loneliness, difficulty making friends, conflict with friends.

Emotional Problems including Anger
e.g. angry outbursts, destructive behaviors, poor peer relationships.

Career or School Challenges
e.g. procrastination, motivation problems, perfectionism, difficulty with colleagues and faculty members, time management.

Adolescent Development
e.g. challenges at home, in school, or in the community.

Personal Growth and Development
e.g. challenges with life transitions, significant life events, and other adjustment difficulties.

Addiction and Substance Use

Parenting Challenges


Low Self-esteem

Lack of Purpose and Creativity

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